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Research Papers

The articles below are from our Research Team. As the No.1 Surat real estate portal and leading brokerage & consulting firm, our team does various type of research from time to time. These researches are done to get a better understanding of the real estate market by meeting end users, investors, brokers, builders and government people. Apart from that we maintain various databases in and around Surat. All these help us to make more matured decisions which are supported by our researches and databases of past and current. These papers are available to some of our limited clients only. The username and passwords for the same have been allotted to them personally.

List of articles available

  • How much is the Surat Real Estate Market worth?

    Information about total Surat real estate market size. Number of properties registered in Surat, Total Stamp collected, approximates non registered properties and related numbers. 
  • Investor vs Real User ratio in residential properties in various parts of Surat.

    We have tentative data on where the real usage is and where the investors are putting their money. Currently data of few areas only. 
  • Is the outside city plotting’s safe enough for investments?

    Many people with short budget and easy payment options going for the only real estate option for them and that is far away residential plots, which are plotted and left off with a thought that they you will get good returns after 10-15 years. What does our vision say in this ? What area to look for such plotting’s?  
  • Residential house vs commercial property from investment perspective?

    So what is a better option for best ROI for investors 
  • Our ratings of different localities of Surat, from future growth potentials.

    A simple rating of 10 points on various localities of Surat. Each area is given up to 10 points from residence perspective and commercial perspective  
  • Plus and minus of Old Properties, New Properties, Under Construction Properties and to-be launched properties

    So what is the best time to enter?Each entry point as a plus and minus so have you done your homework well?  
  • A sample calculation of a project from a Surat builder’s perspective.

    Part 1 : Commercial Project
    Part 2 : Residential Project
    Part 3 : Outside City Plotting’s
    From buying a land, to paying the seller, to project costs, to partners finding, to giving the building contract, to executing the project, marketing the project, adding the mark-ups to preselling the project to taking profits  
  • Why did some really good projects earned hardly 5% / year return on investment and at the same time some paid 100% returns in an year.

    Some mistakes what affected the return on investments? 
  • Pal / Adajan Vs Vesu / Althan Vs Dindoli / Kharvasa

    So are you confused where to put your money in these upcoming localities of Surat? Which are is going to be in more demand in future. What is the investor / user ratio here? 
  • How effective is the model of buying commercial leased properties

    Ok, so if a property is getting me 0.75%/month of the property price then should I buy that property and enjoy the rent and appraisal both?  
  • Negative factors which can affect the growth of Surat Real Estate.

    We all heard about the growth stories of Surat, the flourishing textile and diamond industries and a huge amount of migrants to the city. If it was just like that then why did the Noida’s and the Nagpur’s real estate marketing growing faster than Surat.  
  • Why Surat doesn’t have the national level brands like the DLF’s, Emaar, the Raheja’s and more?

    Looking at the facebook fans posts of Surat, it feels like Surat is better place than any other place to live in. Of course they are the locals and people of Surat origins saying so. But ever wonder why big players not interested in the Surat city.