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Retail Property

Goodwill Co-ordinators has extensive experience in retail consulting and site selection. Aiming to fully understand the criteria that determine a retail center’s success requires extensive market research, which is the key to our professionalapproach. Our strategic partnerships and relationships with major local and overseas retail property developers, operators and landlords offers us the edge that you would like to be enabled with. Whatever your retail format we will deliver the apt solution for your needs. Hypermarts/supermarkets, Mom-and-pop stores, Departmental stores, Convenience stores, Shopping malls, E-trailers, Discount stores, Vending machines, Specialty stores, www.SuratRealEstate.com will enable you.

Retail Revolution

The key to our on-going success in this area has been our extensive experience and the application of the knowledge thus obtained. This includes evaluation of retail sites, location analysis and development management. Our experienced management team and best-of-breed partners get together to offer you a tailor made solution. To find out more about our services, call us or leave a message.

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