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Group Buying Bulk Buy at Surat Real Estate

www.SuratRealEstate.com(SRE) attaches the power of groupbuying and uses it to negotiate with developers for substantial group discounts. Many smart home buyers and investors have already achieved huge savings through SRE's power of group buying! Join SRE's unique group buying program for Savings, Delivery and Quality!

All this with uttermost transparency and privacy to buyers!

Benefits to Buyers

Substantial Cost benefits
Benefits for buyer range from 7% to 20% on the market price of the property. For example, for a house of Rs.50 lacs, the benefit would amount to between Rs.3 – 10 Lacs.

Simplified purchasing process
We perform the research and go through a rigorous selection process to find trustworthy projects. SRE has a unique property check list test which if passed only then is dealt further. We take care of all the negotiations to ensure you are getting an impressive and the most beneficial deal.
Note: In order to ensure that the discounts are genuine, we recommend you to take the property pricings by self-visit or by any other ways.

Greater accountability of project
Our team of experts from various fields will independently monitor the progress of the project and deliver periodic updates to buyers with pictures and videos on this website itself.

Benefits to Property Developers

Group-booking is nothing new, it's simply the traditional whole sale price and the retail price concept. Developers can get onetime booking of larger number of units and can therefore afford to offer significant discounts. It is similar to, yet better than prelaunch offers often made to large investors by developers prior to starting a project.

Developers can also earn goodwill and reputation of being customer oriented, innovative and trusted builders.

Disadvantages to Buyers

Sometimes you might have to wait for the purchase as the whole process requires some time for making a group, researching a project and negotiating with developers. Thus if you are very short of time; you should not rely fully on group bookings.
You might be tempted for a better price and would eventually buy a property which might be not your first choice.

Disadvantages to Property Developers

The discounts offered might be the loss in the overall all profit.

Join SRE's unique group buying program for Savings, Delivery and Quality!

  • 1. Register

    Register here to provide us with your specifications and location or project name you are interested in.

    2. Join Hands With Other Buyers

    SRE';s group buyer's software will automatically make a cluster of the people with matching requirements. Based on the group size, SRE will research on the projects and also check on the legalities. If the project passes all the basic conditions then SRE will negotiate with the property developers for the best group discounts. SRE's customer care manager will update the group with the group deals received from the developer Investors: Just looking for best deals will be updated as per their requirements.

    3. Buy Your Property With Substantial Price Discounts!

    If everything is acceptable you will deal directly with the builder without paying any brokerage to us.