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Surati’s to pay huge price for parking

With the number of cars increasing in leaps and bound, its quite obvious that we will have to pay some additional cost for parking it. No matter its apartment, office complex or a public place, the problem of parking is by no means going to decrease.

It has been noted that a single parking spot in some locations was costing more than Rs. 20 lacs plus in Mumbai. Surat is catching up those number very fast. Some parking place in the Diamond market costs have gone more than Rs. 5 Lacs.

Parking Space Related Facts in Surat

  • Many Flats offering up to 5 parking per flats, as having 3-5 cars in quite common in Surat
  • Some of the well known commercial complex like International Trade Centre, Majoragate has zero free permanent parking for even the office owners.  The whole -2 floor is paid parking where the owners can buy the parking space as per needs and even can do dastavej for the parking space in their name.
  • Most of the people from the old city areas like Bhagal, Chowk, Sagrampura and deep in cities are moving away to new regions like Adajan Pal, and new Citylight and Vesu with a major reason of no parking available in the city.
  • People heavily complain on the Police for lifting of vehicles and blame the SMC for not providing the parking space. The people of Surat should understand that this is a universal problem for any fast developing city and if they don’t get strict there is going to be more chaos.
  • People prefer to travel in auto rickshaws rather then their own vehicles due to lack or parking space in some part of the cities.
  • The new malls in Surat like the Iscon Mall, Star Bazaar, Central Mall are benefiting compared to the city stores, as they provide better car parking
  • Lately the flyovers have helped greatly to create some good parking space in some really dense locations
  • In Diamond market people having the Mercedes and the Audi’s come to their office on 2-wheelers due to parking issues.

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