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Ready-to-go 12 to 15 feet Palm Trees plantation in Surat by SMC

Palm Tree Plantation

Palm Tree Plantation

Very good news for the people of Surat who are fond of the greenery around. For those who have been in Malaysia might have witnessed the beautiful landscape all around the highways and in the City. In few years Surat might also look the same. Tall tall tree on all the main roads is what you will see all around the Surat.

A Pilot project has been undertaken in which an experiment will be conducted for plantation of 350 trees in Udhana Magadalla Road. As per officials if we plant a small sapling with a tree guard than it will cost around Rs. 600 to 700, than after taking care for around 2 – 3 years it is either eaten up by animals or can break down or die due to various reasons. So if we plant 12 feet junior level palm tree on roads with broad dividers than no one can harm their existence. So it is planned to implement this pilot project firstly on Udhana Magadalla than Gaurav path road, Surat – Bardoli Road, Kamrej Road, Rander road and on Hazira road it will be implemented on initial basis. According to SMC this experiment will be conducted on gardens too.

Many of the builders have already been working on getting ready made palms from Chennai. A 15 feet palm tree which might be around 5-8 years old with a height of 12-15 feet costs around Rs. 1500 to 2000. Such trees are not available in Surat nursery but are generally found from south India.

Even some builders have started planting such trees in galleries and in the building and terraces. These are special trees and they don’t break down the slab with their roots.

  1. project A says:

    A very nice concept by SMC. It should be made cumpulsory for each builder to plant palms.
    Then Surat will change to Palm Dubai.

    • priya says:

      Yes !!
      It is the nature of the surat , that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened.


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