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Means quotient of the ratio of the combined gross floor area of the all floors including areas of all walls, except areas specifically exempted under these Regulations, to the total area of the plot/building unit.
Total floor area including walls of all floors

Floor Space Index = Plot Area / Building Unit.

Provided that the following shall not be counted towards computation of F.S.I.

1. Parking spaces without any enclosures and partitions of any kind, with clear height of 2.4 mts. and in case of slabs with beams, height should not exceeds 2.8 mts.
2. Spaces of hollow plinth with maximum clear height of 2.8 mts in addition to depth of beams as per structural requirements in residential buildings only (not even in mixed development) at ground level without any enclosures/walls and partitions in any form excluding shear walls as per structural requirements.
3. Interior open spaces and ducts required under these Regulations subject to maximum 4 % of the builtuparea . Canopy and Architechtural projections not to be used for any other purpose
4. Basement exclusively used for required parking with maximum clear height of 2.6 mts excluding beams.
5. Security Cabin up to 4 sq.mts
6. Weather shed up to 0.60 mt width.
7. Stair case with maximum intermediate landing width equal to the width of stair, maximum landing width at floor level shall be twice the width of stairlift, lift well with lift cabin, stair cabin, lift landing of lift well and water tank.
8. Open air space/chowk required under this regulation in Walled City and Gamtal.
9. Electric room as specified by S.E.C. or G.E.B.