Means all types of permanent building defined in (a) to (r) below, but structure of temporary nature like tents, hutment as well as shamianas erected for temporary purposes for ceremonial occasions, with the permission of the Competent Authority, shall not be considered to be "buildings".

  1. "Assembly building" means a building or part thereof where groups of people congregate or gather for amusement, recreation, social, religious, patriotic, civil, travel and similar purposes.
    "Assembly building" include buildings of drama and cinema theatres, city halls, town halls, auditoria, exhibition halls, museums, "marriage hall", "skating rings", gymnasia, stadia, restaurants, eating or boarding houses, place of worship, dance halls, clubs, gymkhanas, road, air, sea or other public transportation stations and recreation piers.
  2. "Business building" means any building or part thereof used for transaction of record therefor, offices, banks, all professional establishments, court houses classified as business buildings if their principal function is transaction of business and/or keeping of books and records.
  3. "Detached building" means a building with walls and roofs independent of any other building and with open spaces on all sides.
  4. ”Semi-Detached Building" means a building having one or more side attached with wall and roof with other building.
  5. "Educational building" means a building exclusively used for a school or college, recognised by the appropriate Board or University, or any other Competent Authority involving assembly for instruction, education or recreation incidental to educational use, and including a building for such other uses incidental thereto such as a library or a research institution. It shall also include quarters for essential staff required to reside in the premises, and a building used as a hostel captive to an educational institution whether situated in its campus or not.
  6. "Hazardous building" means a building or part thereof used for, -
    (i) storage, handling, manufacture or processing of radio-active substances or of highly combustible or explosive materials or products which are liable to burn with extreme rapidity and/or producing poisonous fumes or explosive enabatuibs.
    (ii) storage, handling, manufacture or processing of, which involves highly corrosive, toxic obnoxious alkalis, acids, or a other liquids, gases or chemicals producing flame, fumes, and explosive mixtures or which result in division of matter into fine particles and capable of spontaneous ignition.
  7. "Industrial building" means a building or part thereof wherein products or, material are fabricated, assembled or processed, such as assembly plants, laboratories, power plants, refineries, gas plants, mills dairies and factories.
  8. "Institutional building" means a building constructed by Government, Semi-Government organisations, public sector undertakings, registered Charitable Trusts for their public activities, such as education, medical, recreational and cultural , hostel for working women or men or for an auditorium or complex for cultural and allied activities or for an hospice, care of orphans, abandoned women, children and infants, convalescents, destitute or aged persons and for penal or correctional detention with restricted liberty of the inmates ordinarily providing sleeping accommodation, and includes dharamshalas, hospitals, sanatoria, custodian and penal institutions such as jails, prisons, mental hospitals, houses of correction, detention and reformatories building constructed for the promotion of Tourism such a, stared hotels, clubs, golf course, sport stadium and all activities of Tourist Unit as may be declared by Government from time to time.
  9. "Mercantile building" means a building or part thereof used as shops, stores or markets, for display and sale of wholesale or retail goods or merchandise, including office, storage and service facilities incidental thereto located in the same building.
  10. "Low rise building" shall mean a building having height up to 16.50 mts. and having ground floor plus four floors. However hollow plinth up to 2.8 mts and parapet on terrace up to 1.5mts shall not be counted.
  11. "High-rise building" shall mean building other than mentioned in 2.9 (j) "Low Rise Building " provided the maximum permissible height shall not exceed 40 mts.
  12. "Office building" means a building or premises or part thereof whose sole or principal use is for an office or for office purposes or clerical work, "Office purposes" includes the purpose of administration, clerical work, handling money, telephone, telegraph and computer operation; and clerical work" includes writing, book-keeping, sorting papers typing, filing, duplicating, punching cards or tapes, machines calculations, drawing of matter for publication and editorial preparation of matter of publication.
  13. "Public Building" means a building constructed by Government, Semi-Government organisations, public sector under-takings, registered Charitable Trust or such other organisations for their non-profitable public activities
  14. "Residential Building" means a building in which sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes, with or without cooking or dining facilities, and includes one or more family dwellings, lodging or boarding houses, hostels, dormitories, apartment houses, flats and private garages of such buildings.
  15. "Special Building" means
    (i) a building solely used for the purpose of a drama or cinema theatre, motion picture a drive-in-theatre, an assembly hall or auditorium, town hall, lecture hall, an exhibition hall, theatre museum, stadium, community hall, marriage hall.
    (ii) a hazardous building;
    (iii) a building of a wholesale establishment;
    (iv) centrally air-conditioned building which exceeds 15 mts. in height, in case where in building is constructed on stilt
  16. "Storage Building" means a building or part thereof used primarily for storage or shelter of goods, merchandise and includes a building used as a warehouse, cold storage freight depot, transit shed, store house, public garage, hanger, truck terminal grain elevator, barn and stable.
  17. "Unsafe Building" means a building which,
    (i) is structurally unsafe,
    (ii) is insanitary,
    (iii) is not provided with adequate means of egress,
    (iv) constitutes a fire hazard,
    (v) is dangerous to human life,
    (vi) in relation to its existing use constitutes a hazard to safety or health or public welfare by reasons of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation or abandonment.
  18. "Wholesale establishment" means an establishment wholly or partly engaged in wholesale trade and, manufactures wholesale outlets, including related storage facilities, warehouses and establishments engaged in truck transport, including truck transport booking warehouses.