Surat Outer Ring Road to be ready by 2014 passing through 43 villages

Site of Cable Bridge work under progress at Pal

Site of Cable Bridge work under progress at Pal

Outer Ring Road is considered as the commencement of the second phase of infrastructure-building for the Diamond city Surat. It is expected and estimated that if things go according to sketch, the outer ring road will become a truth by 2014. It is anticipated that when Surat will turn out to be a twin city of Surat-Navsari with an expected population of 1.15 cores by 2021; the outer ring road will provide easy access to all the parts of the mega twin cities of Surat and Navsari. After observing the future expansion of the city, the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA) have designed a 66-km outer ring road on the periphery of the city which is spread over 326 sq km area. 29 km of new roads will be built under this project. A declaration to this effect was discussed and passed in an important assembly of SUDA and SMC on this Wednesday (23rd November 2011).

Completion of Ring Road Project Will,

  • Provide a bypass to industries at Hazira.
  • Link residential and commercial localities of Surat and Navsari.
  • Handle heavy traffic meant for Hazira.

It was estimated that SUDA would decide the course and send a proposal to the government of Town Planning act, after the state government notification of road alignment for the construction of outer ring road gets published. SUDA is fundamentally following the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) so line and land acquisition will not take place but land will be obtained through Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act of 1976.

Outer Ring Road will pass through the following Villages

  • Bhatpore
  • Echapur – Icchapore
  • Kavas – Kawas
  • Ashrama
  • Amalgam
  • Bhesan
  • Okha
  • Van Kala – Vanakala
  • Vehel
  • Jahingirpura
  • Varivav – Variyav
  • Kosad
  • Bharthana Kosad
  • Mota Varachha
  • Abrama – Abhrama
  • Valak
  • Sarthana
  • Khadsad
  • Simada
  • Kosmadi
  • Saniya Hemad
  • Chedcha
  • Vedcha
  • Niyol
  • Shedav
  • Deladva
  • Khambasla
  • Kharvasa
  • Mohini
  • Eklera
  • Bhanodara
  • Pardi Kande
  • Unn
  • Sachin
  • Gabeli
  • Sonari
  • Jiyav
  • Bamroli
  • Bhimrad
  • Khajoi
  • Aabhva
  • Vesu
  • Magdalla


If outer ring road passes through this 43 villages than land which is under agriculture zone will be converted into residential area land and around 500 meters land on both sides of a 90-metre wide road to be converted in to residential zone through formation of new TP schemes and existing roads of 37 km which are of different width would be converted into 90-metre roads.

It may be remembered that first proposal for an outer ring road was sent to the state government in 2006 and then it was sent again in 2009. At last on October 24, 2011, the government gave sanction to what was sent in 2009 and issued a notification. This means that once the government approves it, the outer ring road will be ready in two years.

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