Single property sold to 2 different buyers in Gopipura

This was very much the case 20 years back. 1 property sold to multiple peoples. But lately the real estate laws have been changed and the police is very active in any such frauds.

Three frauds sold one property for two times, located at Gopipura near Lallu Temple and have taken a deposit of Rs. 10.6 Lakh as a consideration amount from both of parties. According to the Information received from Police, property number 10-1163 located near Lallu Temple Street, which was firstly sold to first buyer and Pre Agreement for Sale (Sata khat) was also prepared and documents were submitted for Registration.

Subsequently, all the documents were collected from the Government Office and then these three frauds sold the same Property to another buyer and again took Rs. 10.6 lakh as a consideration amount. Soon after that both the Parties came to know about the fact and they filed a complaint in Athwalines Police Station against these frauds and now Athwalines Police is functioning on this case.

  1. Vijay Maharaj says:

    In Surat there is lots of cash dealings, so such things has to happen. I have heard like people pay 20 lacs plus amount in Cash to buy cars too. Such things happen only in Surat.

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