Surat Jantri to be revised every 6 months now

The Jantri rates were constant for long period of time. But now the Government will change the Jantri Rates every 6 months.

This will help to reduce the black money transactions also. Just 5 years back a bunglow worth say Rs. 1 Crore would be evaluated at a price of hardly 10 Lac Rupees. Thus the Jantri Tax was paid on 10 Lac Rupees only. But now as the property price changes the Govt. will change the Jantri Rates every 6 months. It can increase or it can decrease too.

The buyers have to compulsory use the Jantri rates as minimum amount transaction’s in their dastavej; thus the deal will make people go for more white money payment. So the increased Jantri will indirectly increase the white money payments because each transaction has to be minimum of the Jantri amount set.

The increase in Jantri will be a problem for those investors dealing in the black money while people who look forward to the Banks for the loan will benefit as the loan amount is directly proportional to the Dastavej amount and the Dastavej amount is directly proportional to Jantri Rate.

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