Surat does not have a single highrise building!

Aquaria Grande (Borivali West)

Aquaria Grande (Borivali West)

In Surat the builders are not getting permissions to make more than 12 floor buildings while mumbai roaring with these super high rise.

As per new definition a building of above 12 floors is classified as a mid-rise, and buildings with 25 floors or 90 meters (295 ft)in height are classified as high-rises.

As per new Mumbai standards

Low-rise: 2 – 12 Floor
Mid-rise: 12 – 25 Floor
High-rise: 25 – 50 Floor
Skyscraper: 50 – 99 Floor
Super-tall: more than 100 Floor

Mumbai is undergoing a massive construction boom, with hundreds of high-rises and a more than 85 skyscrapers under construction.

Click here to check the Video of NEW HIGH RISE BUILDINGS OF MUMBAI

  1. Shamak Jain says:

    To all those SURAT FANS who compare Surat with Mumbai, I just wanted to Say that Surat is like Ant in Front of Mumbai

    I mean as per the Video 85 skyscrapers under constructions and Surat doesn’t have a single one makes you feel like Surat is no more than a small town. No wonder there is no running airport here.

    Common surati brothers lets admit the truth, accept few super rich diamond and textile kings, what is Surat?

  2. Jatin says:

    Surat has the quality of life,cleanliness,good roads,ovearall good family infrastructure,business etc,Naturally mumbai is mumbai,but only for those who earn lakhs & crores.Surat has everything for everybody.Cleanliness wise mumbai is shit in comparision to Surat.

  3. yash says:

    well there are no tall buildings in surat then mumbai but it is cleaner then mumbai buildings does not matter well there are more rich persons in surat then in mumbai

  4. girish says:

    if u want to live lavish life, surat is the best option…surat is clean, green n amazing infrastructure…
    the main thing surat n mumbai distance is onli 250 kms. so if u want to live go for surat n if u want to have a good shopping u will reach mumbai in 4 hours…

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