Chowk Bazar soon to be the new Heritage Zone of Surat

Best Castle House of Surat Located Opposite Taj Gateway Hotel

Best Castle House of Surat Located Opposite Taj Gateway Hotel

The city’s first heritage zone’s project under the heritage policy of the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and Chowk Bazar blueprint is now ready for the development. Under this project, 11.5 hectares of land around the fort will be redeveloped at the cost of more than 17 crore. The areas covered include Ghanta Ovara, Kasturba Garden, Raja Ovara, Andrews Library, Fort, forecourt of fort, Gandhi Baug and the area beyond the baug towards the river.

People are unable to appreciate this precinct houses because of no space to stand and view them. Hence, the main objective is to provide an opportunity for appreciating the historic buildings by creating a pause space and make the general public aware about the rich cultural holds by organizing permanent displays, laser shows, light and sound shows, exhibitions, etc. The other objectives are improving services and infrastructure by resolving the traffic and congestion issues and to provide ample amount of space for parking and enhancing open spaces including parks and ovaras for public to enjoy various recreational activities and appreciate the river, an important heritage of the city.

It is envisaged that it will become a cultural hub that will host programmers like kavi sammelans, children competitions, dance and theatre shows, rock-shows, public meetings and will act as a major democratic gathering place for the city.

On contrary to this the HOPE pull (bridge) very near to the Chowk bazaar is put for sale by the SMC, which again is quite a historic for Surat.

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