US Crisis 2.0 puts the Surat real estate market on wait and watch mode

Athwagate, Mysore Cafe, Dhiraj Sons Road

Athwagate, Mysore Cafe, Dhiraj Sons Road

The demand in the past months has been good, the business have been good overall since more than an year now but some external news takes the Surat investors to a NO SAUDA mode. Most of the people just want to wait until there is some clarity in the global economy.


Some investors who has been holding the prices for their properties, have offered a discount of 100-300 PSF in last 2-3 days assuming that market will fall up to 10-15% or even more. This has given a good hope to the genuine users to get the best deals.

Some brokers are expecting that due to oil price drops, the inflation may come down a bit resulting in government lowering the interest and if the real estate prices drops by 5-10% it can be a really good deal.

In areas of Pal and Adajan where the ratio of property investors vs Property Users is quite less the prices won’t affect much, while in the Vesu and Canal Road area the prices may see a bit temporary dip, because the ratio of the investors is quite huge in this area.

Hopefully the price drops will enable a huge number of real users to get their dream home in the near future.

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