Surat Realtors Association meeting held at Sugar n Spice

Left - Jaydeepsinh Gohil (Vice President) Right - Hemal Bhatt - (President)

A meeting between the members of Surat Realtor Association was held at Sugar n Spice Hotel at Surat Science centre. It was addressed by Mr. Hemal Bhat, president of Surat Realtors Association.

Surat Realtors Association is a nonprofit organization formed by surat based leading real estate consulting companies in year 2010 to give revolutionized edge to the real estate consulting profession with commitment to provide unique access to the customers with all types of real estate related needs to find the best professionals.

Mr. Hemal “This organisation is going to benifit every member realtor and the realtor industry on the whole. Apart from that it gives a very good platform for realtors to network with each other which will benefit all”

Mr. Jaydeepsinh is requesting all real estate brokers to join this association and largely benefit from it.

Current Fees: Rs. 3000 Registration and Rs. 2500 annual renewal.
From October: Registration fees will be increased to Rs. 10,000

For registration process and to attend the next meeting please contact Mr. Jaydeepsinh on 9825112268.

Various agenda’s were discussed while Surat’s leading realtor Mr. Rajiv Chorariya updated the members with latest prices as per the latest Sauda done lately.

Apart from that there was sharing of deals and latest price trends in the Surat market and the common problems of a broker operations.

  1. Roid says:

    Is it different from SBA – Surat Builder Association ?

    if so how it differs from SBA ?

    • admin says:

      Yes, totally different. SBA – Surat Builder Association are builders while this association is of the property brokers

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