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How Real Estate Agents / Brokers Benefiting from www.SuratRealEstate.com free listing service.

Real Estate brokerage business is not possible without a network of agents. A good network can help us close our leads quite quicker and also helps us to retain the trust of our customers. www.SuratRealEstate.com works as a bridge between 2 brokers and provides services and infrastructure to facilitate smooth and easy transactions faster and transparently.

How Does this Work? (A Win-Win arrangement)

  • SuratRealEsate.com allows agents / brokers to enter their unlimited property for sale free of cost on the website
  • As huge number of brokers adds their properties, you get a huge searchable database of properties in and around Surat
  • Brokers / agents when have a client who is looking for a property can search this database
  • As the database is managed by huge number of people, the chances of finding the right property is maximum
  • We get involved when the properties are shortlisted and make arrangements to meet both buyer and broker party

Services offered to Agents / Brokers from www.SuratRealEstate.com

For selling your clients property

  • You need to update us with the basic details of your client's property. You can even upload the same by yourself too with your login id.
  • We will post that information to our website.
  • 100's of brokers and 1000's of end user searches for properties on our website. Thus the chance of your property being found is very high now.
  • Brokers / End users contact us, and we will contact you further.
  • We act as a facilitator between [Broker – Broker], or [Broker – End Customer]

For buying properties for your clients

  • As we have huge listings, the chances of us finding the best and the most appropriate property for your clients is very high.
  • Search our database or call us, and we give you various options as per your needs

Fees/ Brokerage

We charge 0.2% from buyer broker as well as seller broker
Property Price: 30 Lacs
You Charge (Broker of Seller): 1% That is Rs.30,000
Other Broker Charge (Broker of Buyer): 1% That is 30,000
Our Charge: 6000 (0.2%) from buyer broker and seller broker.
Thus at the end
Buyer Broker gets: 30,000 – 6000 = 24,000
Seller Broker gets: 30,000 – 6000 = 24,000
We get: 6000 + 6000 = 12,000

Note: In some cases like builder projects the pattern of brokerage changes, thus the same % might change.

Frequently Ask Questions about Hot Deals

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  • If I give all the details of the property for selling then someone else can directly contact the client?

    Very very rarely can this happen. Good brokers in Surat doesn't have time to follow-up their own client, will they follow up others client? Assume it even happens, what are the chances of your client even talking to this person, will your client trust a stranger? If you still feel afraid, don't give pin point information. It has been researched and proven that those brokers who share information does more business overall then those who don't.
  • What do I have to get to get started?

    • Firstly you have to visit our office / or give us a call for a one to one meeting where by we will take the basic details. You can discuss the same on phone too, generally when you are outside Surat
    • While Selling
      You can directly upload the property information on our website or can call us and inform the details of all your properties one by one. You can do this every time you have a new property to sell
    • While Buying
      You can search our database on the website and shortlist the properties or you can call us with your requirements and we will give you the matching listings.
  • Do I have to be present with the client for site Visit

    As such our executive will always be there for the site visits, yet you will be always required to be present during the site visit, because we or the other broker will never talk or exchange cards with your client. Same way you are not allowed to talk or exchange cards with others clients. In case of emergencies or outside city brokers we can do the site visit of your clients. Even in this case we don't exchange cards or give our phone numbers to your clients

We have huge number of brokers already signed up with us,
to get references
please visit our office or call us

Not able to read / understand English,
or not comfortable with Internet,
then feel free to call us,
we speak All Languages

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