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Surat has broken quite a few records in recent times in terms of its growth rate and development. Today Surat is ranked among the best cities in India and Asia. This amazing growth of the city has also worked wonders for Surat property rates and the real estate business of the city is booming.

Property in Surat is today in high demand, be it for purchase, rent or lease. Real estate prices have shot through the roof and most available land in and around the city today fetch premium prices. Construction activity in the city is also at a record high, with most of it focused in the Western part on the Surat-Dumas road.

Construction and development activities are split largely between residential properties and commercial ones, with residential properties carrying a lion's share. High rise residential apartments, modern shopping malls, and world class commercial and office complexes today dot the city's skyline and give it the look and feel of a growing and happening city.